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As you are aware that, a software can increase sales performance by vouching your interaction by assisting you to structure the way you pitch in your sales & marketing pitch by enabling better communications with your prospects & customers.

To make your inventory management efficient and effective before you take it to next level follow these steps. Proper maintenance of inventory database. Effectively use the technology and products which are easily accessible to inventory management personnel and Ware house management software. This is not only highly useful to your ware house operations in general but also your stock keeping units well.

Different types of customized software...difficult to answer..there are enn nos..There are enormous number of software's which are customized as per the industry standards. Some of these branded software's limitations/fails depending Depending on customer specific requirements. In such occasions/situations,prospects/customers rely on intermediate software or customized software in the Similar platforms/ operating systems. These customized software's are developed and structured as per customer requirements and their data's/reports exported to Main application software as per the need of main application software.

e-STOCK ERP is an Online Office Management Software.…The best office management software for Professional Consultants, Chartered accountants, Company Secretaries, Tax Consultants, Civil Engineers, Architects, Structural Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, Advocates & Law firms.

  • Have an attractive and efficient CRM management.
  • Keep a constant check of your value added customers.
  • Attract new customers with new attractive & lucrative offers.
  • Gain repeat business.
  • Keep proper inventory control using barcodes (AIDC Technology)
  • Keep your staffs motivated.
  • Your retail store marketing & sales gimmicks should attract customers for repeat business.

Honestly it is a herculean task to manage educational institute management system. Management of educational office management system is highly complicated form of a management such as student information system, admission, tuition fees, transportation, hostel, library, canteen and staff etc., To manage and control with a seamless operation one education institution should have proper system in place.

Each warehouse location has a unique barcode which facilitates inventory movement. Many of the warehouses we work has Barcode technology adopted to areas like receiving bay, dispatch bay, refilling, picking, packing, shipping/manifesting, returns, QC, life cycle counts, value added services and labour/associates tracing and tracking..

Barcodes have been in use for a long time in shipping tracking & tracing systems, many warehouses still don’t completely use this technology in depth, although acceptance has been increasing over the last few years. It’s a shame, because they help you to reduce costs and increase control of one’s operation. Among many other functions, barcodes let you track & trace; what, where & why, who and when for all warehouse activities within the boundary. As a result, effective savings can occur in the areas mentioned below:

Precise & Good inventory management optimises the logistics & supply chain management and increases effectiveness along with reliability Effective & intelligent inventory management minimises the chances of sales loss.

Effective & intelligent inventory management can be expensive depending in the organisation structure and size.Effective & intelligent inventory management can be complicated and time consuming..

New student admission Student promotion from one class to another. Roles & Permissions. Assign Permissions. Create customised roles for each student or houses. Administration Staffs. Pay roll & Time attendance. Furniture’s & Fixtures. Lab & Library automation. Sports, Games & other extracurricular activities management. Add School Administration. Authorised personnel’s to handle & decide on management matters. Add Teachers, Non teaching staffs etc., Please bother us for a personnel discussion to understand your requirement.

Inventory management refers to a process of inventory control levels, minimise costs and bottle necks, official procedure of ordering, storing, raw materials, components, Stock in hand, finished goods etc., and manage current & future stock requirements. The best way to do a successful inventory management is to capture data’s accurately, timely, quickly and error free, using automatic data capturing technologies, during the complete operational process and ensure the accurate stock in hand is available when required and the exact bill of quantities are ordered

The manufacturer notifies the importer/stockist/distributor how many items are sold (captured by scanning bar-codes The distributor/importer/stockist processes the information provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer replenishes the importers/stockist/distributors stock in hand. The importer/stockist/distributor invoices to the customer/dealer. The customer/dealer sends payment.

One and only solution to increase sales by minimizing tons of losses in the jewellery industry. The jewellery industry makes you reach people globally and establish a connection between you and the users. The software has many tools to automatically run the entire industry. It doesn’t require lots of manpower to manage it. It is the best way to reach people with the brands and make them aware by showing some ads. Jewellery software can manage almost every step such as showing people different categories of jewellery products, adding the product in the cart, and at last billing the final purchase of users. You have a great opportunity to capture the customers just by developing software for your industry. Jewellery software can easily categorize the whole product and makes it easy for the users to search for their desired product. Within a few minutes, they can make the purchase of their desired jewellery by accessing the search button in the software.

Easily speed up the Billing process by directly scanning 2D barcode, RFID code & increase your sales by 70% with ease. Split Guarantee Tags at Sale point and create a separate tag Stock with Product Catalogue : Manage Stock with product Catalogue on the basis of images, carat, weight, item code, purity, stock summary, stock valuation- FIFO, Avg. Rate, G.P., Last Pur., Current Rate etc..

With more than 21 years of excellence Marg Jewellery software equipped with all the latest features is one of the best solutions for retail jewellery showroom management. You can manage your Accounting, Inventory, Orders, Repairs, Quotations, Approvals, Estimates, Bills, Tagging, Karigars, easily with the help of easy stock Jewellery Software and can keep a birds-eye watch on your business

As all of us are aware that every business require intelligent & practical software solution, ERP technology is setting better and better standards by bringing processes together. Once your business processes, systems, and data’s are connected, you’ll get the intelligence, acceleration, and adaptability you need to start optimizing your operations

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s a comprehensive software package which manages any companies/organizations financials, supply chain & logistics, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities

An intelligent GST billing software, companies don’t want to worry about any of your invoices being erroneous. This will also reduce your stress while also helping the government in its efforts to streamline the collection process. There is no doubt, up until now, there has been very little information available in which invoices can be verified/ scruitnised and which ones could be rejected because of incorrect information input by the customer – despite the fact that regular audits are carried out on all invoices. Only an intelligent GST Billing System (GBS) can ensure perfection of all invoices submitted by both publishing lists of disputed and cancelled bills as well as performing audits on systems (for example, inventory management systems, remittance systems, etc.). There are a number of features of the GST billing software that will ensure seamless government-to-resident transfers for businesses of all sizes. GST billing software comes with unique and intelligent useful features such as bi-weekly and monthly reports to secure the financial records along with Routine Records Management System (RRMS) functionality to provide a secure and compliant environment for business transactions. An intelligent GST billing software can be used by multiple businesses for any number of reasons. It could be used by a business that wants to receive state-side rebates for exempt sales as well as sales that occur within a particular locality. Other businesses could purchase these software applications for use at their storefront when they need to file invoices based on their clients’ addresses but want to track the amount of taxes they are receiving versus what their company is paying. The capabilities of a typical customer website also make sense for certain business needs such as offering quick payments or creating custom dashboards for reporting on transactions

Hotel Management System is a typical management system that facilitates the management of hotel operations and functions; main operations such as front office, sales, planning, and accounting. How hoteliers benefit from hotel management software? Hotel management software is typically used in small hotel properties like bread & breakfast (B&Bs) and guest houses to streamline front desk functions like check-in, back-office tasks and POS (point of sale) functions when staffing is lighter. This is a non-customizable hotel management solution generally combines core hotel property management system functionality with fully integrated channel management (prevent over bookings and connect to travel agents like Expedia), online booking engine, hotel website, guest service portal, housekeeping, maintenance, event management, email marketing, text messaging, customized reporting, surveys, rate management, dynamic pricing, sales lead generation, point-of-sale, payment gateway, and more. What are the key features of an All-in-1 Hotel Management System? Intuitive & Common User Interface Terminals (CUIT): A CUIT-common user interface terminal is the most important factor when choosing mission-critical software for a hotel. If the hotel management software (HMS) is complexes and confusing, more mistakes, confusions will be made very often, costing you more money and revenue losses. Common tasks should not take good amount of working hours and steps, as this spoils down your team’s working spirit and limits your ability to grow; “smarter…..faster …..higher…” hence the need for a powerful hotel management software system (HMS). Mobile computers / smart phones optimised: When your manager, housekeeping team, and other staff members need to check details on a booking quickly they shouldn’t have to rush back to the office they can access to their application software through their customized APP using Mobile computers / smart phones. Any system you use must not only be accessible by, but also optimized for use on Mobile computers / smart phones optimised. Better your CEO/PROMOTER should be able to check performance while on holiday’s too. Clear visibility of business activities: Including special events that are happening in therespective region, highlighting returning guests, and identifying guests who are yet to pay their bill are all features your grid should enable by default. Your grid should allow you to quickly & easily see key information about your guests. Guest profiles: Are you working on building guest loyalty? Guest profiles store your guests’ contact information, stay history, and even preferences, so that you can deliver a more personalized experience during their next stay. Better yet, a guest profile with stored CC’s of your guest will make it even easier for returning guests. General Hotel Management Software to automate functions such as: Guest bookings, Guest details, Point of sale, Online sales & service enquiries, Accounts receivable, Sales and marketing, Banquets, Event Management and many more features. Modules of Hotel Management Software are as mentioned below: 1. Reservations includes pre-booking, and booking functions 2. Profiles for classifying what guest, privileges , and memberships 3. Groups and blocks for large groups of guests with different privileges 4. Rate and inventory control monitoring for rooms, amenities and materials 5. Administration assigns the access control for each hotel department , and other staffs 6. Reporting displays custom reports for various outputs in the automated hotel operations